About Us

Joni and Joanne have joined forces to create a great environment for horses and their friends.

Our People

Joanne Emerson

Trainer, Instructor & Barn Manager

503-502-7203 joanne@skylineEQ.com

I was born with a “horse gene”. My first memories are of my stuffed donkey and horse Skyrocket. My parents patiently waited for me to outgrow this phase, but it never happened. A family move at 16 finally allowed me to get my first horse. I rode through high school and competed on our collegiate equestrian team. My personal focus is on eventing.  I enjoy the challenges of trying to excel in dressage, show jumping and cross country.  I took my homebred gelding through the intermediate level and am currently working with his nephew, Teko, who shows tremendous ability. The last 20 years I have worked with 4H and Pony Club and am thrilled every day when I see the bonds that develop between a kid or adult and their equine friend. I am fortunate to have found such wonderful partners as Chris and Joni. I now have my dream job!

Joni Feryn

Owner & Office Manager

503-816-5996 joni@skylineEQ.com

I started riding horses as an adult at age 37. Horses have been a life-long dream that have come to life for me. Joanne’s rigorous but non-threatening teaching style has been instrumental in my growth.  My mission is to spread the joy that horses have given me to others with a place that is relaxed and is an oasis from the stresses of the world. With the help and encouragement from my husband, Chris, I’m thrilled Skyline Equestrian Center has become a reality.

Chris Feryn

Super Hero

Chris was raised on a wheat farm in Spokane.  He has many fond memories of family mixed with hard work.  After graduating college he got a job in Portland and began a city life in NW Portland with Joni. Joni’s sudden addiction to horses affected the whole family and they all moved out of the city to NW Skyline Blvd.  Chris was enthusiastic to get the rural life back. His energy and drive has been instrumental in making Skyline Equestrian Center a reality.